Three Kingdoms Defense 2 na Androida

Three Kingdoms Defense 2


Heroes battle fiercely in Three Kingdoms Defense 2

?Game in English?
Play also in français, Deutsch, ????, ????, ??? and ??

Heroes of three kingdoms have come from every territory of the Three Kingdoms and united under a powerful oath! Enemies falling like leaves with each touch! Are you ready to protect your lands?

? Game features ?

? Easy defense for everyone!
Fun guaranteed even if you are unfamiliar with the Legend of the three kingdoms!

? Historical figures are your generals and soldiers
Use 16 generals and 25 soldiers

? Easy archery and great impact!
– Fire arrows with a simple touch

? Goguryeo, the Impregnable nation!
– a new Goguryeo map, and Gwanggaeto the Great!
– Battle against an endless stream of enemies

? Various upgrades
– Power up your soldiers and generals
– Learn skills to wipe out many enemies at once!

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Dane techniczne:

Wymagany Android: 2.1 i nowsze
Wersja: 1.0.7
Ocena: 4,6
Rozmiar: 22M
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 16 września 2013
Liczba instalacji: 1 000 000-5 000 000
Pobierz: Three Kingdoms Defense 2 na Androida
Strona www: Strona
Deweloper: Com2uS


Three Kingdoms Defense 2 Android
Three Kingdoms Defense 2 Android
Three Kingdoms Defense 2 Android



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